Friday, 6 August 2010


back in the real world and realising i need to get back to reality after living in a whole other world for 5 weeks where i ate out everyday, sun bathed and did whatever i wanted. sadly now back in cold Britain a job is what i need while seeing my friends and boyfriend is what i want! 
thailand was absolutely incredible, i would go back in a heartbeat, but would pick better friends to travel with next time. 
 Koh Samui in la mai at the grandfather and grandmother rocks - week 1
5 weeks in thailand sounds like forever before you go, but it seems to have rushed by now i am back.. trekking around from south to the north then back south again really was a crazy experience. 
starting out in Samui we had a relax just sunbathing a eating to our hearts content, we tried mopeds and failed completely, deciding it would be well worth not getting them and ruining the rest of our trip when we had an accident - which was probrably going to happen seeing as thai drivers are mentalists.   

Phuket was our next stop, travelling everywhere by plane we decided was the easiest way - and the quickest, we could have cut our costs by training it but 12 hours on a train didn't appeal however cheap it was! 
A few days in Phuket were filled with a trip to Karon beach, left, which had huge waves, they knocked me clean over and threw my bikini top clean off! luckily only us 3 on our part of the beach but my friends did get an eyeful! i could not get up as i couldn't see!

Also a day trip which consisted of elephant trekking, visiting a waterfall, visiting a monkey sanctuary and a buffalo cart ride and all for 1000 baht, £20 to us lot! i mean its crazy how much you can get for your money in thailand, you can get a meal for a quid - mental. 

Although I did enjoy the time in Phuket and Samui, if I went back they wouldn't be places on my list that I'd spend time in - commercial and full of older guys with 18  year old Thai girls that they clearly only want one thing from, it's quite degrading to see these beautiful women with balding guys who have nothing to say to them over the dinner table. The good thing about these places is that they connect you to beautiful places - from Phuket we went to Phi Phi which was one of my faves. Will post more laters. Here's more photo's from Samui and Phuket.

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